Animal Welfare Assistance Group only assists residence of Monterey County, California. Here are some other organizations that may be able to assist you and our pet. If you have any changes or corrections to this list, please let us know:

For Veterinary Bills for Monterey and Santa Cruz County Residents Only
Nationwide Assistance for Dogs and Cats
For Cats Only

For Help with Specific Illnesses Only

For Dogs with Cancer
For Dogs and Cats with Cancer
For Dogs or Cats with Heart Disease

Breed Specific

Other Assistance

For Help with Veterinary Bills for Working Dogs (Assistance Dogs)
For Assistance with Pet Food

When pets are relinquished to animal shelters, the majority of owners site a behavioral issue as the reason for giving up their pets. The issues can range from lack of housebreaking to barking to nipping and biting. All of these can be addressed with positive training (not hitting the animal, “putting their nose in it” or yelling at your pet).

Here are a few resources for training in Monterey County. Check to see if one of them is right for you!

Animal Friends Rescue Project
From The Heart Dog Training
SPCA Monterey County


Don’t shop, ADOPT!

Please consider adopting a dog or cat from a responsible shelter or rescue group rather than buying from an individual. Adult dogs and cats make great pets and seniors and special needs animals are even more special. Please note that when an individual calls the price they are asking for a pet an “adoption fee”, it does not make it an “adoption” or “rescue”, it is still a purchase.

And those “Designer Dog” breeds everyone is talking about? Shelters are a virtual “Designer Dog Outlet” with all sorts of interesting mixes at about 1/10th of the price you would pay from a breeder.

By adopting from reputable organizations you will have a much better idea of the temperament and health of the dog or cat and you will also have the assistance and experience of the organization standing behind the animal.

If you are looking to add a specific breed of dog or cat to your household, check with the local shelters to see if they have any in need of homes. Or search the Internet for a breed specific rescue near you. For Monterey County you can do a Google Search for “Northern California” or “Central California” along with the breed.

Here is a list of local organizations with many wonderful animals looking for forever homes.

Animal Friends Rescue Project
City of Salinas Animal Services
Monterey County Animal Services
Peace of Mind Dog Rescue
SPCA of Monterey County