Recently I had to take my cat, Snowbell (Belle for short) because she had some swelling under her eye. I hadn’t noticed it before and it scared me. So I took her to Purrfurably Cats to see what was going on. It turns out that Belle had an abscess on her tooth. Belle needed to have a cleaning and two teeth taken out. The total amount for the procedure would cost me $675, which for me is also the same amount as rent.

I am a college student at CSUMB so funds are very limited and I was unable to pair up with Care Credit. The staff at Purrfurably Cats had given me the phone number to contact AWAG. So I called, left a voice mail and found their online site and applied for help. Belle’s surgery was only days away so there wasn’t much time for me to loose. About an hour or so after leaving the voice mail I received a phone call from the staff at AWAG and were able to help me with the bill for surgery. All I had to do was pay a small fraction of what I could afford and AWAG was going to take care of the rest.

Since hearing this news, I was in disblelief that a company would help me out like this. But AWAG was there when I needed help and it was great weight of worry lifted off of my shoulders. Belle is home now and the surgery went well. She is recovering just fine. I am so thankful for AWAG helping out Belle and I that words can’t even describe how thankful I am for the help that was provided! This is such a wonderful company with kind and understanding staff!

Sincerely and Thankfully,

Jessica & Belle